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The story behind the ultimate party list

Back in 1994, I received a letter from Ed McMahon stating that the $10 Million Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes prize was all but in the bag. He was even nice enough to include a guest list form to fill out for the prize-winner's party.
My roommate Keith "Bad Check" Butler and I taped the list to the wall. Over the next few weeks we worked hard at putting together a guest list that would have made for the greatest party ever. It included some of the most interesting people of our decade and some of the biggest sexual deviants.
Somehow that check must have gotten lost in the mail. But it's still fun to look over the guest list and imagine the party we will have after we finally hit it big.



Reason for invitation

Ginger Spice Tell her you're a big record company exec.
Jerry Springer To introduce people
Bob Vila If we trash the house, he'll fix it
Marv Albert To do the play-by-play
Monica Lewinsky No explanation needed
Ann Heche Scared straight by Ellen DeGeneres and ready for some action
Dennis Rodman We could all look at his tattoos
Janet Reno We wouldn't get any trouble from the cops
OJ Simpson Always a favorite
Howard Stern We'll let him spin the music
Heather Locklear Keep Howard busy
Pamela Anderson She just got divorced, needs a man to console her
Jennifer Love Hewitt She seems dumb enough to fall for these lines
Drew Barrymore Need I say why
Robert Downey Jr. Somebody needs to bring the drugs
Tim Allen Somebody needs to bring the beer
Fiona Apple/Kate Moss To prove theory they are the same person
Marilyn Manson Why the hell not
Jewel So we will have somebody to make fun of
C. Everett Koop To pass out the condoms
Courtney Love So we'll all have a back-up plan